• Checkered Flag
  • You Are a Tea Champion

Checkered Flag

Enjoy 4.4 Ounces of tea for $20.00

As the laps count down you become one with the car. Your every reflex is fueled by instinct as you set the chaotic rhythm of the race. You are calm and focused. You keep the throttle buried until the very last moment, downshift, clip the apex, and power out of the turn. You were wired on Damn Fine Tea before the green flag even dropped. And by the time the Checkered Flag waves, you will take your place on the podium as a true champion tea drinker.

This brisk black tea from southern India is all about the power band. With torque and tannins to spare, it launches you off the starting line and down the straight, leaving the competition behind by the first turn. From Iyerpadi to Indianapolis to Monaco, this is the perfect tea to fuel your competitive edge.

The Checkered Flag is 100% Black Tea from India. This is a dark leaf with deep red notes, and the brew is bright and slightly astringent. We use boiling water and clock it at 3 minutes for a prefect win every time.